RMDisease V2.0 an updated database of genetic variants that affect RNA modifications with disease and trait implication
API application program interface

This set of APIs was made to let our users reach the information they wanted in a new pragmatical way.

parameter description example
&modification= *essential parameter. All modification including m6A, m5C, m1A, m5U, psi, m6Am, m7G, atoi, ac4C, Am, Cm, Um, Gm, hm5C, D and f5C http://www.rnamd.org/rmdisease2/api.php?modification=m6a&species=cow
&species= *essential parameter. All species including human, mouse, rat, zebrafish, maize, fruit fly, yeast, fission yeast, Arabidopsis, rice, chicken, goat, sheep, pig, cow, rhesus monkey, tomato, chimpanzee, green monkey and covid19 http://www.rnamd.org/rmdisease2/api.php?modification=m6a&species=cow
&gene_type= filters by the Gene Type [protein_coding, lincRNA, miRNA, snoRNA, snRNA, pseudogene, other] http://www.rnamd.org/rmdisease2/api.php?modification=m6a&species=cow&gene_type=protein_coding
&m6a_status= filters by the modification status http://www.rnamd.org/rmdisease2/api.php?modification=m6a&species=cow&m6a_status=cow m6a-gain variant
&confidence_level= filters by the confidence level [low, medium, high] http://www.rnamd.org/rmdisease2/api.php?modification=m6a&species=cow&confidence_level=low
&RM_ID= filters by the RM ID http://www.rnamd.org/rmdisease2/api.php?modification=m6a&species=cow&RM_ID=cow_m6a_associatedSNP_1

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Download :
  • In data page, right-click or Ctrl+S could save data as json format.
  • We support up to 10000 pieces of data display and download. If you would like a larger dataset, please use Download.